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Bishop Anthony M. Walker - Presiding Prelate

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Most Holy Greetings, 
Grace, Peace and Mercy be unto you from God our Father and from our Lord Jesus Christ. It is with great humility that we take this opportunity to greet you.  
We are pleased to announce the Holy Convocation of the Kingdom Of Christ Church Ministries Fellowship Of Churches. Convocation will be held October 11-14, 2018 at our headquarters church in Atlanta, Georgia. Our theme is, “Building the Lord’s church”. 
All Sessions And Services Will Be Held At: Kingdom Of Christ Church Ministries ♦ 4485 Fulton Industrial Blvd ♦ Suite J ♦ Atlanta, Georgia 30336 
We are gearing up for Convocation with heavy anticipation of restoration, rejuvenation and revival. As we are preparing for a strong outpouring of God’s favor and anointing during the convocation, we invite you and your congregation to make plans now to attend this awesome event. We have prepared seminars in addition to the morning and evening services catered to build and strengthen you both naturally and spiritually. 
Several years ago, a group of leaders met to chart a course for the future for us to grow from one church to a Fellowship Of Churches. Little did we realize during that time of all the tremendous plans God had for us, yet we are here today as a testimony to the Sovereign plan of God. While there have been some difficulties along the way, and times of great testing, we have seen the manifestation of God's provision, power, and protection. As servants chosen to serve as representatives of God this will be a time of refreshing but also there will be times of enlightenment so that you may be strengthened in the task that God has given to your hands.   
Join our host, Presiding Prelate Bishop Anthony M. Walker, and the Kingdom Of Christ Church Ministries Fellowship Of Churches family for an unforgettable week. We are asking that all fellowship and associated churches register for Holy Convocation 2018.  
Registration  $100 per church/associated ministry starting now through August 31st.  
If  you wish register online we ask that you also cover the payment processing fee $103.20

Late registration is $125 Sept 1st through October 11th, 2018.
If you wish register online via late registration we ask that you also cover the payment processing fee $128.93

Nightly Services are FREE and OPEN TO The PUBLIC. You do not have to be part of our fellowship to worship with us. However, all fellowship churches MUST register.
You may register your church by mailing a check to  Kingdom Of Christ Church Ministries │ P O Box 43801 │ Atlanta, Ga. 30336 Attn: Fellowship Of Churches Convocation 

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